Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Recipe of the Week, 9/27

Fall is here and I'm fortunate that New England actually goes through an actual autumn season. I grew up in the midwest where the leaves just seemed to change, and in an instant, fell. But in New England, the leaves are just starting to change and it's so much more gradual. I can't wait to go up north and see some of the foliage in the next couple of weeks.

The mainstay of fall is of course pumpkin! And one of my favorite recipes is Southwestern Pumpkin Burgers over at Eating Well.

I altered this recipe slightly by removing the wheat germ and the cheese. Frankly a site that encourages Eating Well shouldn't be adding unnecessary cheese in their recipe and there's something about pumpkin and melted cheese that seems unappealing to me.

I wouldn't recommend making this if you're trying to impress your friends. My patties never stay in their form but taste delicious all the same. I don't have any pictures (sorry) but like I said, it's not a photo friendly meal but it is very delicious.

Since I don't have photos I thought I'd share these adorably delicious pumpkin pancakes that were featured on Design*Sponge

This makes me smile because I tried to make pumpkin pancakes this weekend and ended up setting off the fire alarm in my apartment at 7:30am on a Saturday while my coffee machine ruined an entire pot of coffee. This photograph just reminds me of more beautiful, peaceful times.

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