Friday, October 1, 2010

All that glitters is not gold

Do you ever spot a fashion trend and think, oh that’s silly. Then see it again and think, that’s kind of fun. Then spot again and realize that you have to have that in your closet?

Let me start by saying I’m not a fashionable person. However, I’m an opinionated person and as a person with opinions, I tend to scrutinize fashion.

So when I saw sequins were coming back, the progression of my opinion was exactly like the one above. These aren’t the large, 80’s glittery sequins; they’re understated, muted sequins that can be worn day or night and make life just a little more glamorous.

See for yourself:


*Photo courtesy of Eat, Drink, Chic

How much I want that little pink shrug.

or these:


* Photo courtesy of Cupcakes and Cashmere

Or these perfect sequins for fall from JCrew:


1. swinton sequin cardigan 2. glimmer sash 3. sequin pencil skirt
4. starling peep-toe flats 5. girls sequin glamour top

With all of the sequin love going on, I realized that I not only needed to incorporate it into my wardrobe, I HAD to incorporate it.

And here, ladies and gents, is my brand new sequin mini-skirt!


I found it in a shop and loved it! Luckily I fought the urge to buy right then and there because I found it $20 cheaper HERE at GoJane. I’ve posted my own picture because the colors on their website are completely wrong – it’s much more of a fall, copper color.

I can’t wait to pair this with some leggings, fall boots and cardigans. Work, evenings out, New Years Eve – glamorous.

flossy, flossy

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