Monday, September 13, 2010

Recipe of the week, 9/13

For me there is no better time to make dinner than in the fall. I love pasta but during the summer I have no desire to cook a big pasta dish unless it involves pesto. But come fall, the comfort foods with the fresh late summer veggies can’t be beat.

My friend gave me a delicious looking squash (and a whole lot of basil!) so I decided to go with vegetable lasagna. I based it off of THIS recipe, but changed a lot of aspects of it. Here were my ingredients:


I don’t have a large pot to boil lasagna noodles in so I saved my self a step by buying no-cook pasta noodles. This recipe calls for goat cheese but since I also purchased some eggplant that I plan on using next week, I went ahead and bought ricotta and mozzarella instead. I also added some fresh spinach because that just seems traditional for me to add to veggie lasagna.

And to prove that I’m not at all a good cook, I’ll share the fact that in my blurred, next-morning-after-drinking, I-don’t-need-coffee slumber, I made the mistake of purchasing 2 cucumbers instead of zucchini. I partially blame the grocer for putting cucumbers right next to the squash but I also blame myself for being dumb.

So since I was planning on using two casserole dishes for this anyway, I made one with squash and eggplant and the other with squash, and yes cucumber.

photo (2)Here’s my finished cucumber squash lasagna. It turned out really good! Cucumbers are like biting into water with a crunch anyway so it just gave it a crunch taste that I liked. Really with a lasagna (and any pasta for that matter) you can just add whatever vegetables look good and chances are it will turn out great!

This dish was really easy to make, tasted great and gave me plenty of leftovers to freeze. It’s like making my own microwaveable dinners for those evenings when I don’t have time nor energy to cook anything.

photo (1)

Yum! Oh and is it just me or does the cool weather make you want to eat like crazy?!


  1. Your lasagna looks so tasty! And I think it's awesome that you were able to freeze the leftovers for a later time. I bet it will taste so much better than a traditional microwave meal.

    Also, the fact that you thought the cucumbers were zuchinni honestly made me lol a little :)

  2. Now is the perfect time for vegi lasagna. I cannot wait to make this and freeze the leftovers too. Yum!