Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Back to craftin’

Even though I’m up to my neck in graduate school items, I still want, and at this point, need a creative outlet. Sure I should be working on my study guide but fall is here and I want to celebrate it with some apartment decor.

When I first started exploring the arts and crafts of Blogland, I found THIS book wreath tutorial at Living with Lindsay. My favorite DIYs are the ones that find professional crafts that are super pricey and copy it for 2% of the cost, and that’s exactly what this woman did.

The supplies are simple enough:

photo (5)

Styrofoam wreath, hot glue gun, and a trashy, well-aged novel. This book has more life hanging on my door than it would have unread on my shelf.

I started by covering the Styrofoam in a layer of the book. This ensured that if I missed any places that you wouldn’t notice any startling white spots.

photo (4)

I also found that the best technique to apply the pages to the wreath was to fold it up (as you can see above and by fold I don’t mean press it down, let it be fluid) so that the bottom part of the page where you will be applying the glue is visibly layered. I then (actually) folded a small section at the bottom so that the entire bottom page’s layers were showing and applied glue to all of the layers. I found this handy as it made sure the pages stayed in place instead of parts of the pages being unglued.

Two long telephone conversations later (I love to multitask) and I had my finished product

photo (2)

It’s not perfect, but it is fun and great for a book lover in the fall. Also each wreath depending on your fold will come out differently. Honestly, this was so easy and very rewarding. Also the entire thing cost me $3 glue gun + $1 book + $1 wreath =$5!

I can’t wait to do more fun crafts in the future.

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  1. Hi i discovered your blog yesterday looking for a russian doll soap dispenser, i saw that your mom find one for you, can you tell me where she bought it, i love russian dolls and i would love to have one like that, my husbend is going up to RI today for a couple of days and maybe he can bought for me
    thanks in advance for your help

  2. She bought it at TJ Max in Ohio. I believe I saw it at one in RI. Hope you can find one!

  3. Where my husbend is still there in providence can you tell me the address so i can call him hes leaving tomorrow so saw it at tjmax there

  4. I honestly don't know, there's stores located in Warwick, RI. I'm sure you can find the address on their website.

  5. That looks really sweet, Nikki. I bet it looks ever cooler in person! I'll have to come find out... :)