Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Holiday Spirit

Today is December 1st which means it’s finally appropriate to be excited for Christmas!

Moving away from home has made getting together with my family during the holidays that much better. But even though most of family and kickass best friends are 12 hours away, doesn’t mean I shouldn’t enjoy some holiday fun in Providence.

To be honest I decorated my apartment before I left for Thanksgiving break, but since none of my friends have seen it yet, it’s almost like it didn’t count.

I decided I wanted to cut out paper snowflakes because what’s cuter than this darling window curtain:

via ohdeedoh

I mean, I used to make these things as a kid in elementary school all the time. Easiest decor ever. This is what I got:


They’re all square! I don’t know how I got square snowflakes, even after I followed Martha Stewart’s instructions. Ugh.

Not to be downtrodden, I decided to just go with what I bought and leave the DIY to others.

photo (3)

The ornaments are wall decals that I bought after Christmas last year for really cheap.

photo (1)

The deer are also an end-of-season wall decal. It came in a pack of three, so the other two are hiding in my hallway.

photo (2)

Even my moose got in the holiday spirit.

photo (7)

And of course, my Christmas tree. My first real Christmas tree ever.

photo (4)

Thanks Whole Foods! I’ll have to plant it in the woods nearby so that it can live on.

photo (6) holidayphotos using CrossProcess and ShakeItPhoto apps

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  1. I love your decorations. And don't worry, I've always sucked at making snowflakes. Of course, they say that every snowflake is different, so you could pass them off as snowflakes. There has to be some square snowflakes somewhere in the world, right? haha

    PS- I also like your new header. Very festive :)