Monday, December 13, 2010

Recipe of the week, 12/12

Depending on how tonight’s dinner pans out, I may have two recipes this week! This first one though is really simple, incorporates chocolate into breakfast, and finally gave me a reason to try nutella.

I found the recipe  HERE for Cinnamon-Nutella Croissants and I instantly added the easy ingredients to my grocery shopping list.

nutella (1)

Easy right?! Sugar, cinnamon, croissant rolls, one egg and my new favorite, nutella.

I have always heard mixed reviews of nutella and frankly, never really had a reason to buy it. I love chocolate but a chocolate hazelnut spread was never really anything I thought I needed before. But how wrong I was! Now I’m searching for other recipes that I can use it in as I can’t bring myself to total shame by eating it by the spoonful (although as delicious as it is, I could!). So if you have any recipes incorporating this new love of mine, please share!

You simply roll out the croissant pieces on a baking pan. Mix together some cinnamon and sugar and beat the egg.


Put a spoonful of nutella in the wide-end of the croissant piece and roll up like you would normally.

nutella (8)

Add just a bit of water to your beaten egg and brush it onto the rolled up croissant.

nutella (6)

Then sprinkle each piece with the cinnamon-sugar.

nutella (4)

And in less than 15 minutes of baking time, you have a delicious warm, slightly gooey breakfast treat.

nutella (2)

I plan on making these again while my 15 year old cousin is visiting me in Providence. They just seem so perfect for the holidays!

nutella (5)


  1. did I live with you all through college and never knew you had never had Nutella? Trust me, had I known this, I'm pretty sure I would have insisted we buy some.

    I recommend just buying a box of graham crackers and spreading it on those :)

  2. there is always a reason to buy nutella.

    eat it straight out of the jar. with short bread cookies. on graham crackers. on waffles. off my finger. omg. sorry nutella makes me do crazy things.

  3. Also, nutella is a good chocolate replacement for S'mores!

  4. P.S. You should do a post highlighting your favorite blogs/websites. You make mention of them a lot and link them, but I usually don't visit. But now I'm bored and want something to do... so you should post a smorgasbord of links and I can return to it as I please. :)

  5. ia with em. esp. since i lost all of my favs which were links you linked me to or i was already following.

    help some sistahs out.

  6. I added the "check these everyday and chock full of awesomeness and inspiration" blogs to my "Blogs I Follow" profile:

    For the most part, I started with Design*Sponge and then was linked to so many other awesome sites.

    One more I forgot to add was:

    Nicole, she made a kickass fur spat that I totes need to make now. Check it out!