Thursday, December 16, 2010

Recipe of the week, 12/12 duce

rTwo new recipes in one week! This will hopefully make up for the fact that in an attempt to eat the food that will spoil before I head home for the holidays, last night I ate bread and goat cheese for dinner with a side of cereal. Classy.

With that mentioned, I will be going on holiday hiatus. I’m leaving Rhode Island (where it’s just cold) to this:


Technically I live two hours south of Cleveland, but my area has had a lot of snow. I will be excited to have snow for the first time this winter, but I hope the weather doesn’t ruin my plans!

Anyway, onto food. I decided to make a very comforting meal for winter nights, Beef Stroganoff. I pretty much followed THIS recipe from the kitchn. My cast of characters:

beef (1)

I don’t buy meat very often and when I do its normally chicken breast. So instead of looking around the meat case for beef tenderloin, I pretty much grabbed the first beef package I saw that was already handily cut up into chunks.

I’ll admit, I think meat is kind of gross. Especially cooking with it, which is why I stick to a lot of vegetarian meals. I’ve contemplated going vegetarian a couple of times, but I, personally, don’t have any ethical or health objections to meat, so why deny myself?

I am getting all sorts of off-track. My brain is already on holiday hiatis, sorry about that. So anyway, start by boiling water for the egg noodles and by sautéing all of the mushrooms and onion in butter.


What a delicious combination – onion and mushroom! I need to do this a lot more often.

Once those have cooked for 5-6 minutes, put them in a bowl to cool and brown the beef.

beef (5)

Some recipes have you do this first, but I like the idea of the juices from the veggies infusing into the meat. Plus the meat put out a lot of grease that you will have to throw out, so better the veggies first then the meat.

Once the meat is cooked through, remove the meat from the pan and dispose of the grease. Then add a cup of sour cream to the pan over low heat.

beef (4)

Season as you see fit; I just added a good amount of salt and pepper. Then add the veggies and meat to the sour cream, coating everything in the sauce.

beef (3)

Then once your egg noodles are done, drain and you’re done!

beef (2)

Hearty meal. Hearty winter ale. Completely stuffed person.


  1. I have to say this... Gross. HAHA. That doesn't look good to me at all. LOLZ.

  2. 1. It better not fuck with our plans to Pittsburgh, that's all I have to say about that.

    2. Cooking with meat is why most people at work think I'm a vegetarian because I refuse to cook it myself. I get lunch meat and bacon, that's the extent of that.

    3. I have the same beer in my fridge! It's yummy!

  3. Bread, goat chesse, and cereal sounds good to me and anyone who thinks that is wrong is a moron.

    I have to agree with Emily and say that it looks gross. Although, if the the thought of beef stroganoff didn't make me want to gag, I'm sure I would like your's :)