Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Neat shit worth sharing

Sometimes I get inspired to share some of the things that I think are cool/helpful/exciting. I'm going to originally name these posts, "Neat shit worth sharing" FYI.


I'm currently more in love with my new 2011 planner then what I'm guessing is healthy, but it fits all of my calendar needs: monthly view (this is a must!) followed by the dates on one side with a "Notes" page on the other.

This way I can give myself a list of things to do per day, per week and per month - aww endless deadline torment! Oh and it’s Cath Kidson, so it’s adorable to boot!

I know it's only November (okay, almost November) but I couldn't pass it up.


I just found this fantastic free font website, thanks to Creature Comforts. It’s called Font Squirrel and it truly is an awesome resource for free, cool fonts!

be-yourself-oscar-wilde via creature comforts using dubtronic

lemondrop via Emily Heskett Photography using FFF tusj


And lastly, Poolga which I mentioned in THIS post, has an iPhone app. You receive 15 images with the free app. I’m hoping that they continue to add or update with new backgrounds because I love what they do.



  1. I looove your planner - so cute. And do not be ashamed for being in love with your planner!

  2. So I kind of love the title of your post. I look forward to future editions of "neat shit worth sharing" :)

  3. I almost pooped when I saw my picture on there, because I thought someone stole it for a second. HAHA. My b.