Wednesday, October 20, 2010

eye candy

I haven’t updated in a few days and while I don’t have anything crafty or tasty of mine to share (I’m hoping to try out a recipe tonight), I thought I’d share these amazing art pieces from Yulia Brodskaya.

She does these simply amazing PAPERgraphic pieces. Once you see them, I bet you’ll find in blogs/magazines and squeal a little with the knowledge that you recognize the artist (already happened to me!).


I love irony.




I would love to have this as a welcome into my apartment.

Perhaps one of these days I’ll be inspired and design some thing similar for wallart. There are a couple of DIY’s that I have found online, but you can bet you need a whoooole lotta patience and an equal amount of time. Which I’m lacking both at the present.

Hope this leaves smiling if not inspired!02.13.09_Julia_07

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