Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Recipe of the week, 10/10

I’m kind of cheating with this one but with such an epic weekend (three-day weekend and 10/10/10), I’m giving myself a little break.

Arguably, there is no better place to be during autumn than New England. I’ll give you a few reasons:

1) We actually experience a fall season. In Ohio (where I grew up and my mom lives who came to enjoy the long weekend with me) the leaves just seem to fall and you maybe have a week to enjoy the foliage. But here the leaves slowly change and the colors in the mountains are just…wow. This is outside of a rest stop in New Hampshire.Hampshire

Mind you, all I carry anymore is my iPhone, so these colors are not photoshopped. The sky was that gorgeous.

2) You get to enjoy not just the beautiful fall foliage but also the enjoy the beautiful water and lakes of the region


Burlington, Vermont was breathtaking. These photos do no justice to just how amazing it was to overlook the blue water and see mountains (and New York state) on the other side.

3) The history of the area makes fall the perfect time to celebrate the past. If there ever was a real Halloween town (yes, I’m making reference to that Disney made-for-tv-movie), Salem, Massachusetts would be it! And October is the best time to go! They had a “Bizarre Bizarre” fair, a dog-costume contest, a zombie walk through the town and year-round shops all dedicated to witches, pirates and Nathaniel Hawthorne.


The museum’s seemed more kitchy than historically accurate, so they were missed. But just a walk around the town gave you a great Halloween feeling.

And, just so I don’t claim this to be a recipe post then feature no food, I’ll share the feast my mom and I had on her last night in RI


The feast included sparkling wine, olives, three types of hard cheeses, goat cheese, duck pâté, liverwurst, prosciutto, calimyrnas figs, peaches, honeycrisp apples, crackers, wheat bread and a sliced baguette.

It was a rather big meal for us two, but has left me with an assortment of left over items that will hopefully yield some new meals. The only item I had reservations about was the duck pâté, it had a good taste but I couldn’t get over the idea of blended duck meat….

As an unnecessary closure, I ended up finding the JCrew pencil sparkly skirt that I fell in love with on sale at the mall. Needless to say, this now gives me two sequined skirts which makes this not yet a full-blown obsession, but it’s borderline.


  1. The museum’s seemed more kitchy than historically accurate, so they were missed.

    This sentence makes no sense. If it were worded reversed, I could understand missing it. I don't know why you would pass up kitsch!

    Also, I spy some lovely polish hand painted pottery.

    And I love the skirt and your pictures. Though it's true, photos NEVER capture the true beauty of mountains!

  2. haha, I knew you'd have a problem with that - I should have added the real reason which was that the lines were ridiculous! You had to wait in line to get a ticket (and a time) to go into the museum then had to wait in a different line to get in.

    I found polish pottery at the Christmas Tree Shoppe for like $5, I was so excited!

  3. Dude, I would SO kill to be at the zombie walk! That would be AWESOME.

  4. wait what? the christmas shoppe on 40?

    i need to hit that shit up!

  5. Did you end up touring Nathaniel Hawthorne's house? I thought it was nice.

    Your dinner with your mom sounds perfect. I love having a variety of snacky type food for a meal :)