Wednesday, July 21, 2010

TV: the free way

When I was getting ready to move into my new place, I did the usual calling to turn on all of the utilities which included HD cable. Then before they came out to install everything, I quickly realized that I could save around $100/month by just not having cable TV. And besides Comedy Central and the Thursday night NBC line-up, I really didn't care for TV all that much. It was the best decision that I made as I was happy just popping in my favorite TV on DVD (the usual suspects being Always Sunny or Arrested Development, in case you were wondering) when I'd sit down to eat or felt like watching something.

Then when my parents came up to visit, I knew that the shows I owned wouldn't cut it with them. They love TV and think that I'm crazy for not having it even though I ensure them that my lack of getting cable is more about my desire to read more and less about being broke.

So I was sharing all of this with a friend of mine when she offered to let me borrow her antenna and HD converter box. Remember those boxes? How in February of last year we were all going to switch from analog TV to HD and the government was giving away vouchers to get the $40something boxes? Remember how you were like, I don't care about this? Yea me too, but low and behold it is of interest to me!

After hooking up the box and antenna I found that I was able to get 8 channels - all the usual suspects (NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX), BBC news, PBS, and a couple other random ones. And after a little research into the necessary equipment, as my parents were in love with the idea of me getting this, I found out that the majority of TVs made after 2007 already are equipped with the converter so all you need to buy is an antenna. I ended up going to radioshack and for $30 bought a small, indoor antenna that works great.

I thought I'd share all of this because 1) my mom sent me THIS post which made me feel ahead of the game and 2) because we all need to save money and if you find that you're only watching the Usual Suspects and the rest of the shows on Hulu, you might as well cancel the cable and spend $30 on an antenna. Did I mention all of these channels are in HD? Sure it may cut out during a rain storm (I haven't experienced that yet), but I loooove getting things for free.

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  1. I didn't know you watch Always Sunny. I don't actually watch it anymore, but we watched it every week in Athens. It was a ritual. So yeah... Fun fact. ;)

    Also, free TV... get it, girl! I may have to look in to that when I get my own apartment... although I have a feeling I'll just go ahead and get cable because I want DVR. HAHA.