Friday, July 2, 2010

Recipe of the week, 7/4

Last night I tried my hand at a new cookie recipe.

Let me give you a little background about my experience with baking cookies: Cookies are my absolute favorite desert. I like ice cream and cannolis are great, but my ultimate go-to desert is the cookie. And I can’t make them. I suck at it. They burn or become flat or just don’t have the right consistency.

So when I found THIS recipe I thought that I’d give it another try and for the first time in my cookie baking history, it was a success!

I got a little worried because I only used 1 banana, thinking that I’d make half a batch with banana and half without, but soon it became very clear to me that the banana mixture is what gives the dough the consistency it needs. Which is probably why this recipe only calls for one stick of butter and why I ultimately decided that these are “healthy” cookies and ate three of them last night. Opps.

For some variety though, I did add chopped walnuts to some and that seemed to compliment the recipe without being just one more ingredient to an already heavy load.


Not the greatest picture, but they are verrry tasty.

The true test of my cookie baking skills will be to cook a fantabulous chocolate chip cookie, eg the Zeus of Cookies. One day… one day.

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  1. I never knew cookies are your favorite dessert. I'm pretty sure I couldn't pick a favorite :)

    Your cookies look fabulous. I shouldn't want any because my brother's grad party was on Sunday and we had a ton of cookies that my mom made left over so I ate a lot of cookies this week and should be sick of cookies, but I'm not. It's too bad that desserts like cookies and brownies aren't that healthy for you because if they were I would be the healthiest eater ever :)