Monday, July 19, 2010

Classing up the place

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. I was very happy because my parents drove across to come visit me for a few days! We played it pretty cool, staying local except the gigantic antique market in Brimfield, MA. My parents LOVE flea markets and while this place was very cool to walk around in, it was a little too rich for our blood. The funny thing is, none of us purchased anything here although we spent 4 hours walking around the place, but on the way home we saw a roadside junk shop and we all purchased a ton of stuff! I love my family that way.

Now, onto the real reason for the post – and the actual reason for starting this blog in the first place – I did a cool little project for my apartment. I was walking around Kohls when I saw these cute little damask wall decals. Normally, I don’t like Kohls but you really can’t beat the fact that half the store is normally up to 40% off. So for only $10 I did this little project:

photo(5) I began by cutting out each individual design from the roll

photo6 This extra step helps to layout the pattern before you start sticking things everywhere.

photo(3) So once you’ve found a layout that you like, you can start to cut and stick. I decided to be a little more creative with this design by cutting some of the designs and placing them only from the drawers. This step is pretty easy as the designs are really easy to cut, just make sure to make straight cuts.

I even went so far as to cut a hole in one of the designs and place it around one of the knobs. This also was pretty easy and the designs are very forgiving in that they won’t show any blank spaces if you’re careful.

So now the drawer in my hallway that holds all my towels and misc items looks much more interesting!


I even had enough left over that I put some inside the door of my bar. The frosted glass gave it a cool, understated look.


A super easy project for around $10!


  1. I think your decals are clever and definitely something I never would have thought of. And your cross-stitch things are pretty awesome, too :) I feel like I should jump on the cross-stitch and knitting bandwagon, but that will probably not happen haha.

  2. Thanks, after that brief period in college where we all tried knitting and I failed miserably at it, I've resigned to the fact that I will never be a knitter.

    I just started another cross-stitch though, so I'll have to post it when I'm done!

  3. Very cool idea. But I really commented because I have to say, I love your place. A BUILT IN shelf thing!!! It's so cute!!! And I like how you placed the mirror on top. I wanna visit so bad!!! (And not JUST for the apartment, lol.)