Friday, July 23, 2010

Recipe of the Week, 7/18

Yesterday I tried my hand at a new recipe: Grilled shrimp teriyaki with pineapple.

I found the recipe HERE from this great blog called, The Pioneer Woman. She has great recipes and the SORDID DETAILS of how her and her husband met, which I stumbled upon one day and ended up reading the story in it's entirety over 2 days. It sucked me in - oh to meet a cultured cowboy.

Anyway, this recipe is super easy. For once I didn't even have to reference a recipe card which is saying something. And it tasted delicious. They were great to wrap up in a tortilla and eat them that way or to just eat them as is. But I was glad that I let the shrimp marinate overnight in the teriyaki sauce or it wouldn't have been nearly as delicious.

So to all of you naysayers who thought that I'd say I was going to do this, do one post about cookies, then forget - you were wrong. Actually I think that was just me, sorry for projecting on you.

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  1. So I just spent the last hour reading The Pioneer Woman Love Story. Umm...can I have a cowboy please? Now I obviously didn't read through the whole thing, just certain parts, but I read enough to know that I don't think I would mind having a cowboy. I'm not sure how I would do on a ranch, though haha. Seriously it's stories like that that gives me hope.

    Anyway, your kabobs look tasty. I look forward to seeing what your next recipe is :)