Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Recipe of the week, 7/25 + 8/1

I will be going home next week to celebrate a friend’s wedding, so I thought I’d update with a twofer. (Speaking of “toofer”, I’ve been watching 30 Rock and love that show! I need to get season 3 and 4 before it starts up again.)

So I decided to try out THIS recipe from this blog that I follow fresh365. I love to read this blog, it’s such an inspiration and her pictures are really what draw you in. She doesn’t update that much but when she does, it’s certainly worth the wait.

I was a little hesitant in trying the Strawberry and Gruyere tart because I’m normally not a big cheese and fruit combo person, but I LOVE Gruyere. If I could marry a cheese, this would be who I choose. It’s ultra expensive (as most cheeses can be), but make sure if you buy it that you spend a little more on the “Cave Aged” it sounds pretentious, but it really does make a difference. Needless to say, I only felt compelled to make this recipe because I purchased non-cave aged gruyere and realized it wasn’t worth savoring.

Picture 171It did turn out rather tasty but as I said, I couldn’t handle too much of the cheese/fruit.

However, I really wanted to try the asparagus substitution that was mentioned briefly within this recipe and that turned out delicious! You just substitute asparagus, olive oil and salt+pepper instead of strawberries, honey and mint. Just go easy on the oil because the cheese offers a good amount.

Picture 169

I don’t know if I’d necessarily make this again because the puff pastry quickly turned from delicious to just too much buttery indulgence, but I do love the asparagus and cheese combination. Maybe next time I’ll try a quiche or tart.

See you when I get back from Ohio, which as you can see from the map, is a “a little ways” from my current location. Later!


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