Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Neat shit worth sharing

Hello blog. Goodbye hiatus.

Finally, the test is over with. I won’t know my score for six weeks and to be honest, I’m considering not even looking at it when it gets sent. That’s how little I cared for this test and the standardized testing scheme in general.


The best post-test cathartic moment was getting to clean my apartment the next day. I know that’s nerdy but a weeks worth of mail, study materials and clothes had piled up all over my normally relatively clean apartment.

I wish I would have known about this awesome site during that mess because it was all too easy for me to misplace my phone.


How genius is this? As someone who lives alone and doesn’t have a landline, I may have to bookmark this site!

And when you find your phone and answer, you get to listen to a female computer voice assure you that she’s happy you found your phone. I guess that’s handy if you’re really lonely or something.


These have seen a lot of blog love, but I have to share the adorable chalkboard speech bubbles available at PlayingGrownUp


I love the wedding trend of renting photobooths or better yet, just setting up your own photo background and having your guests take fun pictures. If you plan on getting married you NEED to do that and you NEED to incorporate these adorable signs.

These are at the top of my gift list for engagement parties.


Remember how much I love calendars? Paper Source has by far the cutest monthly calendar I’ve ever come across. Don’t believe me? Well iKea does as I first spotted them in their latest catalog


Did you spot them? They’re the 2011 Zoo Calendar puzzles.
animalcalendar It’s like they wrapped my meticulous need for planning with the fun of animal figurines! These are definitely on my wishlist.


  1. That find your phone thing is awesome haha. I love how you come across all this random stuff.

  2. They have those speech bubbles at http://photojojo.com/ -- another awesome photography products website. Wait... just looked it up, there's only ONE speech bubble... so it's definitely cool that you found more than one. I think it's a great idea for engagement parties! I never thought of it before... because I thought of it more as a photoshoot opportunity and decided I wasn't interested, lol. But that's definitely cool. If I have the money when I get married, I def want one of those photo booths... they seem awesome. And I am rambling. GOOD BYE.