Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Neat shit worth sharing

I’ve kicked it up full gear on this whole graduate school applying thing. I won’t go into too much boring detail, but I’ve applied to all but two (edit: ONE!) schools and once I take my last crappy standardized test next weekend, I’ll be FINISHED.

But I need a little lightheartedness right now, so hope you enjoy these two items.


I’ll start with this new, um…quarky, blog I found. I need another blog to follow like I need another $150 standardized test to take, but this one was too good to resist! It’s titled Bangable Dudes in History – just check out this historical hottie below, can you guess who?

Joseph Stalin. Yea, Stalin. He was gorgeous! Of course I don’t like him for his ideals but that hair!

Anyway, the blog is worth checking out because the genius author also creates a pie chart to fully evaluate why these people were major, in her own words, boners.


Have you seen this single by Willow Smith (of the Jada Picket and Will Smith geneology)? I love it for many reasons but the front runners are the fact that a young, black girl is singing about how much she loves her hair which is fantastic/empowering AND the song just makes you want to bounce.

And it’s currently my ringtone, which conveniently just went off during work. That’s the risk you take being fabulous.


  1. Umm...that blog may be one of the best things ever. Too bad there couldn't have been a history course called Hotties Throughout History in college haha And who knew that Stalin was so good looking?

  2. I LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE "Whip My Hair." I've been introducing everyone to it and they're all like.. "What?" LOL.