Friday, November 5, 2010

Neat Shit Worth Sharing (Holiday edition)

So because I failed on doing a recipe this week (spending $700 on application fees does not inspire one to go to the grocery store) and I may end up failing next week (impending standardized test don't help the appetite), I thought I'd give you a present.

As the holidays are approaching, we're all getting ready to give and receive. If you're like me then you've got bookmarks of cool gift ideas and wishlists from various stores filled with things you want. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one website that you could compile all of the things you want AND the gifts you want to give. Well friends, this is my present to you:

Wishpot lets you create as many lists as you want and lets you easily add items from any store. You can set the settings so that everyone can view your wishlist or that you can keep lists private (like your gift list). Now my anthropologie, amazon, etsy, etc favorites/wishlists can all be compiled into this resource! And you can list items based on how much you actually want them; currently this ring is in my "I really want it" priority:

How perfect for Christmas! Hence why I need it so badly.

Also they have this really handy toolbar that I was a little hesitant to download at first. This is because downloading allows them to access your history and see what stores you've been scoping out. But let's be honest, I'm posting on a blog and I have facebook, there is no such thing as internet privacy. So now with this toolbar, I can be looking at an item online, decide I want it on my list, click the handy wishpot button and BAM it's added to my list with an image, price, and link.

If your interested in seeing my list you can review it HERE or you can do a people's search if you already know my last name. I know I'll be adding to it a lot more as the holidays approach.

If you love this idea, you should join and add me! I'd love to see what people want!


  1. That's a pretty cool site. I'm nosy so I looked at your wishlist and I love the bag you have listed on there. I may consider creating my own wish list :)

  2. That's really cool. It makes it much easier to get people stuff they really want! :) I think I'll do that here soon.