Monday, June 28, 2010

Collage fruit basket

So I have this friend, who is an amazing photographer. I’m not a photography snob by any means – I couldn’t distinguish the lighting used or how different lenses create different textures – but I do know the difference between someone who has talent and someone who just has a fancy camera and a pretty flower within reach. And let me tell you, my girl has some talent! You can see for yourself HERE or follow her blog HERE.

So when I moved into this new apartment I really wanted to display some of her work. I was trolling through her site when I found this picture:

bananasI just loved it so I requested that if she was bored sometime that she take MORE fruit pictures for me to hang up in my kitchen and as awesome friends do, she came through!


I love it! It adds a modern, fruity flare to my kitchen. I especially love the picture of the pears, they seem to have so much character!


Thanks Em! And to everyone else who may be near the Ohio area, hit this girl up for photos!


  1. I love the fruit pictures.

    Looking at Emily's pictures almost makes me wish I would have fulfilled my 8th grade dream of being a photographer.

  2. Yay! Thanks, lady! I am going to post this entry in my blog, since I finally got around to sharing some of the fruit pictures. :)