Thursday, December 9, 2010

Recipe of the week 12/5

I know I refer to this blog a lot, but I couldn’t resist fresh365’s Pear and Gruyere Panini recipe.

Here was my cast of characters:


I used the cheap, sugary honey in my cupboard, but I recently tried fresh, straight from the comb honey and I died and went to foodie heaven. There’s a local honey(…maker? cultivator? monger?) in RI who sells fresh honey comb and I’m keeping that gem in mind next time I have a fancy cheese smorgasbord.

Anyway, start with generously applying honey and thyme to eat side of your bread.

panini (1)

Thyme is also muy deliciousio by the way. It has such a great punch of flavor.

panini (2)

Add your sliced pears and top with slices of gruyere to each side of your panini. Combine and use your fancy panini press or whatever method works for you:

panini (3) fancy!

Add a side salad and top with lettuce (if desired) and you’ve quickly got a delicious pear and gruyere panini!

panini (4)


On an editing note, my recipe of the week is going to be much more scattered because of the holidays. I also keep finding that now when I come home at 5pm and it’s dark, I’m uninspired to cook a unique, fun meal. I’m thinking about petitioning my work to allow me to exchange maternity leave with a Hibernation leave. Six-weeks of lounging in my warm apartment cooking, reading, crafting and watching 30 Rock.

Yes, the winter slump is starting. I need to stay motivated and keep on putting inspiration into action! If you have any hearty winter meals, I would love to hear them! Beef stroganoff is on my list, but I need more to get me through this winter.

Carpe the winter blues!


  1. I love your idea about a hibernation leave! haha I mean, what if your someone who doesn't want kids? You should still be entitled to some sort of leave, right? haha

    I'll have to send you the recipe for this butternut squash pasta. It is freaking delicious and the leftovers taste even better cold. I'm pretty sure it's my new favorite meal.

  2. PS- I don't judge you on how you decided you wanted a hedgehog. Just think of how many great ideas have come about due to drunken nights, excluding one night stands resulting in unplanned pregnancies, of course haha

  3. A hibernation leave! Ugh, I want one of those! Haha.

    Also, I'm a little grossed out? Cheese and pears? That's it. Weird. I don't think I would be a fan. LOL.

    I HATE when I get off work and it's dark already. Drives me BONKERS. Makes me feel all out of whack and annoyed.

  4. Emily, you really got to think about the flavors and not the fact that it is fruit and cheese.

    TBH I think it sounds really good! And I completely agree with hibernation leave. I could really use it.