Thursday, March 31, 2011

Recipe per week, Samosas

If you’re not familiar with Indian cuisine, samosas are these delicious deep fried pastries filled with veggies, lamb, pork or whathaveyou. I order Indian food a lot for work and try to snag one of these for myself before I feed the rest of the lot. What can I say, I’m a little a selfish.

When I saw THIS recipe for homemade ones, I thought I would give it a try. Now I am not a “from scratch” kind of girl. My thinking is, if they already made pie crusts, pasta and bread so readily and cheaply available, why should I bother making it?

But when the only substitute for the dough for this recipe would have been phyllo dough, I just knew it wouldn’t get the texture I wanted. Also this dough was easy, just flour and water, no yeast involved. So I thought I’d give it a go.

And just a warning, this isn’t step-by-step as much of this process was too messy for me to juggle a camera at the same time.

I started out by mixing up the dough and letting it sit wrapped up while the potatoes boiled and the peas defrosted.

samosas (2)

Once the potatoes were nice and soft (about a half hour), I removed the potatoes and boiled the cauliflower for 4-5 minutes. Then I cut them both up into tiny cubes/florets and added them to my bowl.

You want to cut everything up small because your going to have to stuff your samosas and the smaller, the better.

samosas (3)

I used my trusty wok to sauté the shallots, potatoes, cauliflower and peas. Then I added the cilantro and curry powder to get this tasty contraption.

samosas (4)

Then comes the part that I almost wanted to quit on. I separated the dough and rolled it out individually but I had a really difficult time stuffing the samosas without tearing the dough. And if you’re going to deep fry something, trust me, you do not want tears.

The recipe tells you to hold it like a cone which DID NOT work. It was three times easier to just spoon the potato/cauliflower mixture on one-half of the half-circle dough and then wet the seams, encase the mixture, and close with a fork.

Also I didn’t have any wax paper and my first solution of using aluminum foil did not work, the dough just stuck and ruined some of the samosas. The floured pan seemed to work better but the sticky dough situation was really, really frustrating me.

samosas (5)

But I was able to salvage all but perhaps two and the deep frying was super easy. Once they are all fried up, you are ready to eat!

I highly suggest serving with mango chutney! Though it sucked at times these were truly delicious!


I still stick to the fact that the phyllo dough would not have yield the results I wanted. But will I be making this recipe again soon…likely not. Nor any other dough for that matter.

Also I was able to use the left over potato/cauliflower mixture for a tasty brinner – just add an egg and you have a tasty curry hashbrown with cauliflower and fried egg. I think that needs to be on a brunch menu somewhere.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recipe per week, 3/20

As I said in THIS POST, I decided to make beer bread this weekend using a recipe from this great foodie blog, Honest Fare.

Not only did this blog provide a great recipe, but [he/she] also took it a step further by creating a Beer and Cheese Sandwich.

I followed the beer bread recipe and ended up with this yummy treat below:

beerbread (1)

In case your wondering I used Newcastle beer and found it to be a pretty dense textured bread. Not light and airy like a cheaper beer might provide.

Since my bread was a little thinner then the original recipe called for, I thought attempting to actually grill it, like I do a panini, might come out as sloppy disaster. So I went with a broiling method which proved very successful.

I caramelized the onions and loaded them onto my bread slices. Then I put sliced Irish cheddar and Fontana cheese on top

beerbread (2)

After a few minutes in the broiler, the cheese was gooey, warm and the meal was delicious


Oh the globs of cheese.

I’ve been all about the comfort food lately. Perhaps when they’re not calling for three inches of snow (like they are tonight!!) I can get back into my fish and veggie summer phase.

That will be nice.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

New media

I'm not one to join every social network there is - I never had a myspace and I don't twitter....Okay maybe those are the two main ones I didn't join.

HOWEVER, after looking around at my friend's tumblrs, I realized this might be a great way for me to share without having to be so wordy.

My tumblr site is

Below is what I've posted in the (quite literally) hour that I've joined:

content deleted because it kept updating. I suggest you visit MY TUMBLR

small obsession. 

So if your reading this blog, please feel free to follow, bookmark, hate on this new site as well.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Recipe of the week – well, not so much…

I’ve been a terrible blogger. And to be honest, I don’t actually see myself getting back into it anytime soon. I started blogging when I was at a pretty low point in my life; when I really, really needed to capture some inspiration.
Now life has gotten 300x better, maybe 543x better, and blogging is just more of a bother than anything else.
Recipes especially have been hard as this winter, I was completely uninspired to cook anything. I don’t even want to tell you how often I went with a frozen bag of pasta for dinner. Shameful.
But as the season changes, so does my excitement over food. I realized with happiness that I need to start planting some herbs soon in my kitchen and that farmers markets will soon be popping up again!
One thing that can certainly help with my cooking-inspiration is this fantastic site They Draw and Cook. They take the blandness of recipes and combine it with fun art. I was especially excited to see a recipe that I was already planning on baking this weekend, Beer Bread. Although I will be eliminating the cheese part.
While I would probably never in a million years make this, I love the illusion.
And in honor of the day after St. Patty’s, a recipe you may need
I love a good feasting for the eyes and stomach. Happy weekend!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Neat shit worth sharing – Hedgehog edition deux

You may or may not remember NSWS – Hedgehog one, so here’s A LINK to remind you of how popular they were and still are.

Instead of showing you all of the new great products out there, I thought I’d share what I’ve purchased of the hedgehog relation as of late.

Not only is this an adorable trinket but it is (more importantly) a bottle opener!


I purchased this from Anthropologie  back in December and finally, after multiple backorders, was sent it two weeks ago. Obviously, a hot commodity.

I also found this fantastic print on etsy and then was shocked to find it being sold in a store in Providence. Obviously I had to buy it

The card that came with it from the artist reads:

Not only did this hedgehog win the "Most Popular" vote his senior year but he also won the "Most Artistic", "Cutest Smile", and four other categories! This is his portrait for the "Best Dressed" win.

How cute is that! The shop, BerkleyIllustrations, is stocked full of these fantastic animal prints and stories.

So are you saying to yourself, ‘I thought she said she was on a waitlinglistorsomething to get one. Was that all talk?’

The answer: No way nay-sayer!

I just put one on reserve with the breeder yesterday!  Here he is at 2-weeks old. 


Unfortunately, I don"t get to pick him up until he's at 7 weeks. I can’t believe I have to wait 5 more weeks before I get to meet him/take him home and love him forever!

Don’t worry, pictures of his homecoming will be coming!

Also that blue spot isn’t a light trick, she marks them to tell them apart for reservation purposes.

I. Cannot. Wait.