Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recipe of the week 8/23 and a new toy

A friend of mine had brought me a few goodies from her garden and one of the gems was a piece of summer squash. Normally I'm all pasta-focused, but this time I decided to go a different route and followed THIS Stuffed Summer Squash recipe. Not only was it super easy, but it was really tasty as well.

Unfortunately I have no pictures because, well, I was hungry and forgot. Opps. But it's definitely worth it and I didn't use any meat, so it was veggie-licious.

Since I lack photos of my meal, I'll post one of my new toy instead:

I finally bought a new laptop! A gorgeous macbook pro! And I'm still in shock at the deal I got, Apple doesn't offer percent off deals, but they do throw in goodies. They tossed in a free iPod touch (currently on eBay), a printer/scanner/fax machine, and I went during the Sales Tax free weekend, which saved me $100. Awesome, I know.

Also, if you like my screen saver I downloaded the Fliqlo clock HERE.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Recipe of the week, 8/16

Hello all, I’m back from a nice, busy Ohio visit. My week home was packed with a wedding, mothers & fathers day outings, trips with friends and family times.

Some photo highlights, my outing to COSI’s Titanic exhibit with my girls.


Yes, that is us on the stairs (where Jack looked oh-so-handsome in a tuxedo; I had my own oh-so-handsome moment with one of the re-enactors but we won’t go into that). The ticket behind the photo was the history of a person who was actually on the Titanic and at the end you got to find out if “you” lived or died – I lived but my fiancĂ© and brother who went with me perished. Sad.

And for mother’s day, I surprised my mom with tickets to Wicked


I actually liked the play more than I expected. I would recommend if you’re into that sort of thing.

But I digress, I thought I wouldn’t get around to posting a recipe but I found myself with a can of artichokes and a red onion that was about to turn on me, so I decided to try an Artichoke and Olive Crostini recipe.

Back Camera Not the most beautiful looking dish, but it was a nice quick and easy meal that wasn’t ultra-filling (which after being home, I’ve been seeking the lighter food options).

Paired with a rose wine and cave-aged gruyere made for a nice winding down evening meal.

Back Camera

And for another digression, my mom sent me a link to this girl’s Julie and Julia esq blog about re-fashioning old dresses. It’s called New Dress A Day and it’s really neat to see what can be done with a little redesign and a sewing machine. I just got one a few weeks ago and I’ve been too scared to touch it! I don’t even know if it works. I think that will be my adventure for Sunday because I keep coming up with project ideas so now is the time to put them into motion!