Monday, December 6, 2010

Neat shit worth sharing – Hedgehog edition

You know when you're excited about something that is beyond your control, so you don’t want to tell a lot of people because you really, REALLY want it to happen but you’re worried it may not.

(Did you follow that?)

Well, currently I’m on a waiting list to get a hedgehog! And I’m really, REALLY excited about the possibility of getting one!

Which isn’t aided by the fact that I’ve been seeing them everywhere.

In jewelry:

hedgehog.jewelry1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

In Christmas ornaments:

hedgehog.ornaments 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

And in household goodies:


1 (ash tray), 2 (bottle opener), 3 (vintage crystal figurine) , 4 (iPhone case), 5 (brush) , 6 (candle)

By now you should be equally convinced of their awesomeness, and if not, you can't deny the allure of the one-and-only hedgehog badboy:



  1. I never realized people were able to have hedgehogs as pets. Although, I guess it's something I never really thought about haha.

    Hope you're able to get one!

    PS- I have to ask, what made decide you wanted one?

  2. Everyone keeps asking that and I wish I had a more mature answer than "I was drunkingly chatting with a friend online and googling 'cute little animals' when I decided I had to have one"...but yea, that was it.

    Also it helps that there is a breeder in Boston.

  3. I wish I saw this before I bought your Christmas present. Haha. I could have gone to town on this list. And the hedgehog Pandora charm is on my list of ones I wouldn't mind having. It's so cute! The necklace #4 from the jewelry list is SO cute!

  4. I actually bought the bottle opener (#2) for myself and it's back ordered until mid-January!

    And unfortunately the breeder is having a new liter in the next week so I probably won't be able to get one this time. I'll have to wait until spring *sadsigh*