Thursday, January 6, 2011

Neat shit worth sharing

I’m hesitant to even post this because I really, really want to send one of these to someone and surprise them. I’ll have to keep this gem in my back pocket when my mom turns fifty this year!


A slice of cake postcard! How excited would you be to see a slice of cake in your mailbox wishing you a happy birthday!?! I can see how it might be a let down for some people (it does look delicious), but not being a big cake fan myself, I’d be overjoyed with a card like this.


I’m a pretty cheap frugal person. I continue to be shocked how much some items sell for – I’m looking at you $5 for a box of cereal! Pillows are another item on that list – I mean, you take some fabric, stuffing and some time and you got yourself a pillow. I don’t need to pay $50…until now.


I can’t put into one word how great, fun, unique, versatile, uber-awesome these pillows are! And you can order them in brown log or birch tree. I’m seriously considering devoting each paycheck to buying one of these until I’ve amassed a collection that can one day sit next to my (hopefully to be had one day) fireplace.

I just want to throw these in a log holder next to my fireplace and say to my guests, “Do you need a pillow? Just grab one of the logs.” Blowing everyone’s mind. I’ll calm down now.

And the seller graciously offers you the opportunity to buy a kit to make a pillow yourself at half the cost, but I just love the look of these as she makes them.


I don’t know what the Curiosity Group is all about, but I’m willing to learn. They are offering a DIY (!) pop-up (!!) calendar (!!!) every month (omgwtfbbq!!1!).

Just look at how darling January’s calendar is:


Bookmark this site and plan on having 10 minutes of fun putting it together on the first of every new month. I can’t wait for February!


  1. I've seen that cake card somewhere before (online) and it's driving me crazy that I can't remember where I saw it.

  2. That cake card is whack. It confuses me. HAHA.

    The log pillows are ADORBS. I love them.