Monday, May 17, 2010

My eastern European kitchen

This weekend I was happy to finally buy plates for my new place. I went with the classic white with a rounded-off square design (I believe it’s called quatro). I like a white plate for serving food, but as for everything else I love some color.

I think that’s why I’m so drawn to polish pottery and immediately wanted to decorate my kitchen with my small collection of Russian (ie Matryoshka) dolls.

It started when someone bought me this set of DIY Russian dolls.

diynestingdolls_0It was pretty daunting, but one day I took to the task and created these:

Picture 123

I think they turned out pretty cute; especially the middle one with fangs and the scared one next to it. I love putting a twist on things. I placed these on the shelf over my kitchen table.

I paired these with these adorable houseware items – the salt and pepper shakers are from Anthropologie and the measuring cups are from Urban Outfitter (and are still available online!).

Anthropologie-Babushka-Shakers_1E59C17C Picture 129 My mom also found me a russian doll soap dispenser and spoon rest (yes, it’s an obsession). And my aunt gave me these great little pieces of polish pottery.

Picture 132

Don’t you just love that mug! I haven’t purchased any bowls yet because I really want to get some fun design like this to pair with my white dinner and appetizer plates. This weekend I actually found a polish pottery vase at Salvation Army, so my dream is to find a great set of bowls. But maybe I’ll just end up splurging on those anyway – or see what Anthropologie has and end up buying those instead. I’ll have to wait and see.


  1. Girl, you are uber-talented. I would never be able to create those kind of Russian doll things... although, knowing me, I'd make mine look like aliens or monsters or something nerdy like that. haha.

  2. where did your mom get the soap dispenser and the spoon rest i love them, i hope i could find something like that