Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I love salvaging

I’ve always loved going to Goodwill or Salvation Army, but now that I’m on my own and a salvation army is on the walk to my local grocery store, my love (and wallet) knows no bounds.

Now that I have natural light, I want to start filling my apartment with flowers and plants. This is easier said than done because I do not have a green thumb and I've been timid in buying any yet. I am growing herbs, so maybe this will instill some confidence in me - if they survive. Until I get some courage though, I've been collecting a small number of bottles/vases that I will be, one day soon, hopefully filling with flowers for my bedroom.

Picture 174

Isn’t the blue glass beautiful? I found that on my last trip and couldn’t pass it up.

On my very first trip to the local Sal Vo, when I still maintained some sense of self-control in this store, I’m pretty sure these are the candle sticks that broke all of thatl.

Picture 080

Don’t they just scream Anthropologie? They were a whopping $4 and just needed a little love. They were spotted with a greenish-gunk but with a little bit of soap and scratching, it immediately came off. I have then framing my television, as you can see below.

Picture 052

And now my absolute favorite find ever! This actually came from craigslist where I ended up driving 45 minutes to some guy’s house (I brought someone with me, of course) that had a coffin on the front porch (a leftover halloween decoration, I hoped) and a confederate flag wafting in the breeze. Needless to say, this was worth it.

Picture 160[5]

Isn’t it great! He threw in the marble top and that cute little lantern to sweeten the deal – I have to say this was a steal. More than I’d pay for a regular side table at iKea, but you can’t pass up a piece of library card catalog history.

Picture 162 Here’s a close up on the lantern:

Picture 166 The drawers all slide out. I really want to get some cute fabrics to line each drawer with.

Picture 163

And I just found this great piece of inspiration this morning on a blog that I think would also look great:


I like the look of the white with the maps, so I’ll either do maps or just find some really cute scrapbooking paper.

Oh how I love thrifting!

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