Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I haven't forgotten about you!

Pictures are impending on my new place! The move went amazingly well, picking up the truck by 7am and having everything in my apartment by 11am. Then I had the whole day to organize while still being able to shower and meet someone for dinner - not romantic, just someone to discuss Psy D programs.

By the time I had friends over for Saturday night drinks, it was all arranged as it should be. The only things that need taken care of is an extra bookshelf which I'll be storing in the basement for now.

So some things to share:
- Pictures of the place, in general
- Makeshift office/closet
- A couple amazing Salvation Army finds
and maybe a DIY post in the near future...?

I know, enough words - more pictures. They're coming soon! I promise!

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