Monday, April 12, 2010

Because there's a 1/2 hour of work left...

Pictures of the new place will be added soon (i hope), but I wanted to share some pictures I've saved that have provided me with inspiration:

My new place has a huge two door closet in the living room which is great because Providence apartments are notoriously without much closet space. My bedroom has a closet that's probably a foot and a half wide, but thanks to the ikea wardrobe, I don't think I'll need both sides of the living room closet. Hense, I love the idea of turning half of the closet into a workspace. And I was supper excited when I saw this picture:

So simple - a small school desk and a filing cabinet! The filing cabinet I have (although I love this pink color) and thanks to my wonderful father, whom I'll be seeing this weekend, he said he can supply me with an old school desk! The only thing I'll need is a straight-backed chair which I can hopefully store with the doors shut.

If this works out, then I'd love to install some shelfing above the desk like in the first picture and be able to store items. Although I'm sure it will not nearly be as color-coded or neat.

(pictures courtesy of Apartment Therapy)


  1. You can always spray paint your filing cabinet! That would be sweet. And spray painting is fun--I did it to some shelves and a piggy bank! :)

  2. That actually would be fun. I've come up with a few ideas where spray paint would be involved. I think I just need to go out and buy a bunch.