Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Welcome Home Wilbur!

Finally, after blogging and blogging about it, I got my hedgie!

Welcome Wilbur T-Rex Poop-monster, Senior.

Wilbur (2)

When I first picked him up he was such a bundle of fun (and poop).  But before I could take him home we had to do some shopping first.

He had temporary lodging in a cardboard box so obviously our first stop was the pet store. Everyone wanted to take a peak at him!

Wilbur (1)

But he didn’t have to live in a cardboard box for very long, here he is surveying his new digs

Wilbur (3)

Actually, he didn’t like his igloo very much, so he’s been sleeping in an old tshirt of mine. Awww.

I also introduced him to some of my hedgehog memorabilia and he didn’t really care.

Wilbur uninterested

For a seriously adorable video of him, I suggest you check out my tumblr,

Also the teal color is from his breeder to mark him. It will probably dissolve after a while, but I do like that color so I’m not complaining.

I love my hedgie.

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