Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring leads to sprung

The weather doesn’t seem to show it, but it is, indeed, springtime.

Which means it’s time to plant herbs for summer consumption!

I was going to follow THIS fantastic tutorial by I Spy DIY but I couldn’t find any chalk board paint that wasn’t in quart size. Since I’ll be moving in August, I didn’t want to worry about transporting paint so that idea will have to wait until I’m a little more settled.

Fortunately, I remembered THESE planters that I purchased from ikea last fall.


They were the perfect pots for my succulent cacti. And since I managed to kill them all (I blame it on sitting them on the radiator), I decided to re-touch the planters for my herbs.

All this required was a white colored pencil and a little design work to get these:

 herbs herbs (1) herbs (2)

For the garland patterns, I looked to Shanna Murray’s beautiful decals.

I think they turned out rather cute. Let’s just hope they grow nicely.

I also need a nice planter for my lavendar seeds. When I was looking for my planter at ikea, they seemed to have some cute ones online. I think a trip to ikea needs to occur soon.

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