Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Recipe per week, 3/20

As I said in THIS POST, I decided to make beer bread this weekend using a recipe from this great foodie blog, Honest Fare.

Not only did this blog provide a great recipe, but [he/she] also took it a step further by creating a Beer and Cheese Sandwich.

I followed the beer bread recipe and ended up with this yummy treat below:

beerbread (1)

In case your wondering I used Newcastle beer and found it to be a pretty dense textured bread. Not light and airy like a cheaper beer might provide.

Since my bread was a little thinner then the original recipe called for, I thought attempting to actually grill it, like I do a panini, might come out as sloppy disaster. So I went with a broiling method which proved very successful.

I caramelized the onions and loaded them onto my bread slices. Then I put sliced Irish cheddar and Fontana cheese on top

beerbread (2)

After a few minutes in the broiler, the cheese was gooey, warm and the meal was delicious


Oh the globs of cheese.

I’ve been all about the comfort food lately. Perhaps when they’re not calling for three inches of snow (like they are tonight!!) I can get back into my fish and veggie summer phase.

That will be nice.

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