Friday, March 18, 2011

Recipe of the week – well, not so much…

I’ve been a terrible blogger. And to be honest, I don’t actually see myself getting back into it anytime soon. I started blogging when I was at a pretty low point in my life; when I really, really needed to capture some inspiration.
Now life has gotten 300x better, maybe 543x better, and blogging is just more of a bother than anything else.
Recipes especially have been hard as this winter, I was completely uninspired to cook anything. I don’t even want to tell you how often I went with a frozen bag of pasta for dinner. Shameful.
But as the season changes, so does my excitement over food. I realized with happiness that I need to start planting some herbs soon in my kitchen and that farmers markets will soon be popping up again!
One thing that can certainly help with my cooking-inspiration is this fantastic site They Draw and Cook. They take the blandness of recipes and combine it with fun art. I was especially excited to see a recipe that I was already planning on baking this weekend, Beer Bread. Although I will be eliminating the cheese part.
While I would probably never in a million years make this, I love the illusion.
And in honor of the day after St. Patty’s, a recipe you may need
I love a good feasting for the eyes and stomach. Happy weekend!

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  1. Bummer. I like your blog and think you should keep it up. Just because I like all your design stuff & ideas & share-y share things. ;)