Thursday, August 26, 2010

Recipe of the week 8/23 and a new toy

A friend of mine had brought me a few goodies from her garden and one of the gems was a piece of summer squash. Normally I'm all pasta-focused, but this time I decided to go a different route and followed THIS Stuffed Summer Squash recipe. Not only was it super easy, but it was really tasty as well.

Unfortunately I have no pictures because, well, I was hungry and forgot. Opps. But it's definitely worth it and I didn't use any meat, so it was veggie-licious.

Since I lack photos of my meal, I'll post one of my new toy instead:

I finally bought a new laptop! A gorgeous macbook pro! And I'm still in shock at the deal I got, Apple doesn't offer percent off deals, but they do throw in goodies. They tossed in a free iPod touch (currently on eBay), a printer/scanner/fax machine, and I went during the Sales Tax free weekend, which saved me $100. Awesome, I know.

Also, if you like my screen saver I downloaded the Fliqlo clock HERE.

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